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Please keep showing these videos to future students! They are incredibly informational and important.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

These pithy, memorable videos offer an engaging way to introduce key questions. They bring the concepts alive and make them feel relevant. Students won’t forget these!

Mary C. Gentile, PhD
Creator/Director, Giving Voice To Values
Professor of Practice
Darden School of Business
University of Virginia


Our award-winning program offers five engaging video series for instructors and students on behavioral ethics, values, and ethical leadership.

Recently, we received the 2019 Reimagine Education Bronze Award in Business Education. Explore Ethics Unwrapped and #EducateYourself

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I appreciate how it doesn’t seem like just a 10-minute lecture. It’s creative and easy to follow when the concept isn’t necessarily simple.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Thank you for creating such good materials!  

Jonathan Haidt, Ph.D.
Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership
Stern School of Business
New York University

These are TERRIFIC! I'm going to use this A LOT. Thanks so much for this wonderful contribution to ethics!

Tim Fort
Professor of Business Law & Ethics
Kelley School of Business
Indiana University