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OxyContin: Observando ballenas

Los médicos que recetaron demasiado OxyContin eran conocidos como “whales” (‘ballenas’) por Purdue Pharma. En cuanto más pastilla vendía los médicos, las ganancias de Purdue alcanzaron niveles jamás vistos antes.

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Hey Ryan Lochte: Own It!

To be Olympic-caliber swimmers, no matter how great their natural talent, young men and women must hit the pool early in the morning day after day, week after week, and month after month for years, swimming miles and miles and miles in the process. The character that it takes to make these sacrifices and to […]

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Quid Pro Quo, Oh No! Abramoff on McDonnell

When corrupt people who want something from the government come together in common cause with corrupt government officials, the results are not pretty. Thus Virginia businessman Jonnie Williams, who wanted Virginia’s public universities to study a nutritional supplement that his company made, came together with Virginia’s Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife. Soon $170,000 in […]

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Baylor Football: A Brief Behavioral Autopsy

The darkest days in college athletics since the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal brought down the sainted Joe Paterno and permanently sullied Penn State University’s reputation are playing out in Waco at the nation’s largest Baptist university. The Baylor sexual assault scandal raises the question: How can values become so skewed when leadership is […]

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DeflateGate and the FAE

At this writing I do not know whether the New England Patriots are guilty or innocent of the charge that they cheated in the AFC Championship game by playing with improperly deflated footballs. Soon, I hope, the truth will come out. The Pats may be completely innocent. What I do know is that there is […]

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Miopía moral

La miopía moral es una distorsión de la visión moral que previene que los problemas éticos sean claros y distinguibles.

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Mutismo moral

El mutismo moral ocurre cuando nos comunicamos de manera que obstruye nuestras creencias morales, o simplemente no damos voz a nuestros sentimientos morales de ninguna manera.

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Imaginación moral

La imaginación moral es nuestra habilidad de pensar creativamente para concebir maneras de ser éticos y exitosos.

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