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Equifax y su abuso de confianza

La agencia de calificación de riesgos Equifax demoró varias semanas en responder a una brecha de la ciberseguridad y un compromiso de sus datos, lo cual dejo a millones de personas en riesgo de robo de identidad.

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Hey Ryan Lochte: Own It!

To be Olympic-caliber swimmers, no matter how great their natural talent, young men and women must hit the pool early in the morning day after day, week after week, and month after month for years, swimming miles and miles and miles in the process. The character that it takes to make these sacrifices and to […]

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Deciding to Dope

Recently three things came across my desk nearly simultaneously. One was a report that Lance Armstrong had told a BBC interviewer: “If you take me back to 1995, when [doping] was completely and totally pervasive, I’d probably do it again. People don’t like to hear that.” (Rapp, 2015) Second, was a report that two MMA […]

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Why Good Teachers Do Bad Things

Rachel Aviv’s article “Wrong Answer” in a recent New Yorker issue presents a textbook case of why good people do bad things.  The article tells the story of the recent cheating scandal in the Atlanta School District, which was one of the worst of a string of school cheating scandals across the U.S.  Forty-four of […]

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Helping Your Employees Be Their Best Selves

There is no single correct way to teach business ethics.  A common approach combines philosophy and character development.  Teachers impart philosophical concepts for resolving difficult ethical issues and encourage students to develop and hone strength of character to give them the means to actually implement the solutions that develop. Any regular reader of this blog […]

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Juego de incentivos

El juego de incentivos, o “abuso de incentivos,” ocurre cuando nos damos cuenta de las maneras en que podemos incrementar las recompensas que recibimos por nuestro desempeño profesional, sin tener que mejorar de manera tangible calidad de los frutos de nuestro trabajo.

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