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What viewers are saying about Ethics Unwrapped...

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92% of students said our videos helped them understand and learn ethics concepts!


As the 2014-15 academic year wraps up, we’re excited to share the assessment results of our cross-campus ethics initiative.

Students experience a significant shift in confidence levels after watching Ethics Unwrapped videos, which they said help them identify, explain, and apply ethics concepts.  Surveys show the animation and student stories are enjoyed about equally.  And, to our surprise, the narration is favored above both of these!  We also gathered feedback from students on the videos, including comments like these:

“I enjoyed the video.  It talked a lot about new concepts that I didn’t fully know beforehand.”

“The animations were a really nice touch and kept me engaged in the video.”


The cross-campus Ethics Curriculum Integration Initiative at The University of Texas at Austin is made possible by grants from the Teagle Foundation and the UT Provost’s Office.