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Professionals work in a wide variety of settings and across many different industries including business, science, medicine, education, art, and public service. Many professions have Codes of Conduct that specify ethical behavior and expectations particular to that field. In addition, professionals must often make ethical judgments in their area of specialty that falls outside their specific Code of Conduct.

Professionals often need to apply moral reasoning to their interactions with co-workers, clients, and the general public. These resources offer insights that apply to a wide range of professionals as they seek to develop standards of ethical behavior in their careers.

Begin by viewing the recommended videos for an introduction to key ethics topics that commonly emerge in professionals’ careers, such as making ethical decisions based on the role we’re playing at work. To dig deeper, watch the Being Your Best Self series to learn the four components of ethical action. To help strengthen your ethical decision-making skills, watch the additional videos about behavioral ethics biases that can often lead to making poor choices.

To prompt conversation, use the discussion questions which follow each video. Each video has teaching notes for details on the ethics concept, and (often) assignment suggestions.

Read the case studies for examples of professionals facing tough ethical decisions or ethically questionable situations in their careers in teaching, science, politics, and social services. To go further, answer the case study discussion questions and sketch the ethical decision-making process outlined in the case. The case studies can start your class discussion on ethics.

To explore more, watch “related” videos and read their corresponding case studies. Many of the ethics concepts covered by Ethics Unwrapped operate in tandem with each other, so the more you watch, the greater your understanding of ethical issues.

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