Ethics Topics

We have a growing library of educational resources to support ethics instruction across many different disciplines. Our resources are broadly applicable to many fields, but they’re curated here to offer the best starting point for these areas of interest.

What We Offer

To date, Ethics Unwrapped includes 100 videos with discussion questions, teaching notes, video transcripts, and bibliographies. We also offer 55 case studies with discussion questions and bibliographies.

Most of our resources are available in Spanish. Our videos are subtitled, and the case studies can be downloaded as PDFs in Spanish (as well as in English). The entire site will be available in Spanish by Fall 2017.

Video/Case Study Pairings

Most videos are paired with at least one case study to illustrate the ethics concept in a real world situation. Each case study includes discussion questions and a bibliography for cited information and further exploration.

Areas of Interest (Ethics Topics)

If you’re unfamiliar with our resources, you may wish to start with “Intro to Ethics Unwrapped” before exploring Topic Areas.

Each Topic Area begins with a description of relevant ethics themes covered in our resources. “Start Here” features three videos and three case studies to begin. Additional videos and case studies that are most applicable to the Topic Area follow. The case studies are curated by academic discipline.

Using the Resources in Academia

To integrate Ethics Unwrapped into your course, you may wish to show a video in class, assign a video to watch outside of class, or embed a video in an online learning module. Then, ask students to answer the video’s discussion questions or reflect on the issues raised by the video in class.

You may also use videos as a writing prompt. Encourage students to apply the ethics concept illustrated in the video to topics covered in class. Students can dig deeper by reading the related case study (or a current event in the news). Then, ask students to describe how the ethics concept is expressed in the case and/or have them reason through the ethical dimensions presented.

To explore our resources further, watch “related” videos and read their corresponding case studies. Many of the ethics concepts covered by Ethics Unwrapped operate in tandem with each other, so the more you watch, the greater your understanding of ethical issues.

Please Note

Ethics Unwrapped videos and teaching resources are available for use at no cost. If you share or embed them on other websites, please credit Ethics Unwrapped and provide a link to our website.