This innovative collection of teaching resources and ethics videos has been instrumental in the development and implementation of the Ethics and Leadership Flag across the entire campus, and it continues to be a valuable resource for ethics education across the country.

Brent Iverson
Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies
The University of Texas at Austin

Brilliant work -- engaging, powerful, polished. Bravo!

Lori K. Holleran Steiker, Ph.D., ACSW
University Distinguished Teaching Professor
School of Social Work
The University of Texas at Austin

This has really opened up my eyes to my own practice of relativism and now I feel better about how I express myself [on] certain issues.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Thank you for such a well-organized review of the ethical dilemmas that leaders of all sorts must face. The Ethics Unwrapped videos and teaching notes seem very thorough and easy to understand. I simply wanted to share that with you and to applaud your efforts in this area. Keep up the good work.

John Yates
MBA '85
The University of Texas at Austin

The videos are short enough to fit into a lecture class format, but meaty enough to spark thoughtful discussion. My students appreciate having the concepts explained by students like them using examples that are familiar.

Kristie Loescher, MPH, DBA
Senior Lecturer
Department of Management
McCombs School of Business

The animations kept me really engaged and the student comments made me feel that the issues being discussed were pertinent to today's society and everyday issues.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

I thought the video was very helpful and informative. It wasn't an overabundance of information. It was concise and easy to understand, and the way in which the information was presented kept me engaged throughout the entirety of the video.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Your video series on Jack Abramoff is superb! Well done.

Dennis McGarry
Director of Training & Development
NTCA - The Rural Broadband Association

Fantastic! One of the best breakdowns of the Fundamental Attribution Error I've seen. Thanks so much.

YouTube viewer

A big thanks from our ethics team for the content you have produced on ethics. The work you are doing is commendable and sharing it with others even more gratifying.

Mahesh Rao
Internal Audit Manager
Sohar Industrial Area
Sultanate of Oman

The series of videos, discussion questions and teaching notes that you have created are fantastic! I've been searching the web trying to find engaging videos that address ethical topics and your work is exactly the type of thing I was hoping to find! Such an amazing resource that you all have created! I will definitely incorporate some of these into my class, our leadership and ethics workshops, etc. I will also share them with others. I am amazed by all the work that you have done to make some complex terms understandable to the average student.

Nick Lennon, Ph.D.
Leadership Education and Development
George Mason University

A phenomenal resource. The Ethics Unwrapped behavioral ethics elements have been an excellent addition to UW's business ethics course. Thank you!

Kent Noble
Bill Daniels Chair of Business Ethics
University of Wyoming

In the fall I attended two national conferences focused on leadership education. At both venues, colleagues from other institutions shared their use and appreciation for Ethics Unwrapped. These interactions clearly demonstrated Ethics Unwrapped is recognized and valued beyond the University of Texas at Austin campus.

Dave Dessauer
Leadership and Ethics Institute
The University of Texas at Austin

Thanks for this wonderful teaching guide [Curated Resources]! … I deeply appreciate the philosophy literature, but like you, see a better place for behavioral ethics in these professional contexts.

David Niño, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Especially powerful, I think, are the outtakes with the UT students, which underscore the ‘lecture’ beautifully. That technique carries a lot of weight with the student viewer (and this viewer (no spring chicken!)).

Laurie A. Lucas
Associate Professor of Economics and Legal Studies
William S. Spears Chair in Business Administration
Editor-in-chief, American Business Law Journal
Oklahoma State University

I was deeply impressed. I intend to incorporate the series into the ethics portion of my courses. Thank you for the continuing dedication to high standards of teaching and the production of such tremendous work.

Clayton Trotter, Alumni 1973
Associate Professor
Business Administration
The University of Alaska at Anchorage

A truly original, stimulating and creative teaching resource. I'll use these videos as a central part of my course teaching business ethics. Thank you.

Dr. Karen Blakeley
Program Leader
Winchester Business School
The University of Winchester, England

In It To Win is a powerful reminder that a good person can turn bad.

Undergraduate Student
Survey - Advertising & Public Relations Ethics and Law
The University of Texas at Austin

Please convey my thanks to the team for their time and effort, and creativity in framing ethical issues … The units are terrific tools and have an impact far beyond The University of Texas at Austin and its students. GOOD JOB!

Michael Ramage
General Counsel
Institute for Intergovernmental Research

Thank you! As a visual learner, this helped immensely, and I would love to see more of these.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

I am sold! It's absolutely fabulous! You've created an awesome abundant amount of resources.

Richard White
Adjunct Professor
Southern New Hampshire University

I'm teaching a values-based MBA leadership course for the first time and I'm so delighted to learn about the resources on Giving Voice to Values. It's a great way to illustrate and illuminate for the students what might appear at first as abstract and inaccessible constructs.

Nceku Nyathi
Senior Lecturer
Graduate School of Business
University of Cape Town

What an incredible resource! I can see the value in sharing this with my students.

Christopher Adkins, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Undergraduate Programs
Mason School of Business
The College of William & Mary

I teach Corporate Governance and Ethics in the MS and MBAE level. This will be a wonderful enhancement to the course. Thanks so much for doing this.

Angie McLane Crossin
School of Management
Purdue University

This project is wonderful. So creative. It will be on my short list of "Innovations in Teaching Ethics" during my address in Washington, D.C.

Patricia Keith-Spiegel, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate
Health Sciences
Simmons College

Concepts Unwrapped encouraged me to compare the concepts to my own life.

Undergraduate Student
Survey - Advertising & Public Relations Ethics and Law
The University of Texas at Austin

Ethics Unwrapped is an excellent resource for Realtors who want to dive deeper into the topic.

Marty Kramer
Director of Communications
Texas Association of Realtors

Very intriguing video that helps put things into perspective!

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Easy to follow along to and I found it very applicable to my life.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Simple, clear, and to the point. Great video.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

It sounds like a compelling program for teaching business ethics, so we're glad to share it.

BizEd Magazine
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

Very enlightening. I now better understand the difference between relativism and pluralism.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

I was so glad you were able to see the materials we've developed on ethics and the Holocaust. Your work was foundational to the concept.

JoAnna Wasserman
Education Initiatives Manager
Levine Institute for Holocaust Education
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Thank you for producing the quality videos! We'd like to link to Ethics Unwrapped on our intranet to allow our employees the opportunity to learn from this excellent series.

William Brierly
Chief Counsel for Ethics and Integrity Management
CH2M Hill Companies Ltd.

Ethical behavior is a very complex matter, and the video does a good job presenting it.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Thought the video was really informative and helpful. This should be shown more around campus to all of the departments, students and staff.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

I enjoyed the examples because they were key in cementing my understanding of overconfidence bias.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

The animations were a really nice touch and kept me engaged in the video.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Please keep doing more. You do good things.

Paul Forster, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Business Education
Department of Management
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

I feel this video clearly and succinctly explained what relativism is and how it comes into fruition in our daily lives. I now know what relativism is and can talk to someone about it as opposed to before watching the video I could not.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

Good video, did a great job explaining the meaning of role morality. Enjoyed the cartoon animations as well.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin

I simply wanted to thank you for sharing this video with the class and giving me a better understanding of ethics, not only an education level but a personal level as well. I hope to learn a lot more about these types of situations in near future.

Undergraduate Student
The University of Texas at Austin